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NACD manufactures and distributes clutches for a large variety of farm equipment. All of our products are new and engineered to fit the application as it was originally intended. All NACD manufactured clutches contain new component parts. We do not “mix and match” worn components or substitute extra thick or shimmed discs to make up for worn pressure plate castings. Do not confuse NACD all-new product to the re-builders' “partially-new” or “like-new”. Our components are engineered at our facility by our engineers and must pass stringent metallurgical inspection before the assembly stage can begin. We think on a completely different level than most of our competition. Just because a competitor's part looks good doesn't necessarily mean it passes the hardness, stress, or material mix tests. Remember, NACD has the engineering and metallurgical experts to back up our product. Most of our competitors don't. If the component part doesn't pass the NACD test, it doesn't see our receiving dock until it is correct. NACD AG Distributors and NACD-Heartland Dealers expect the very best when they purchase our “Genuine Alternative” to expensive OEM new clutches. Don't compare our products to used or reconditioned products. Compare our products to OEM new. Use our on-line Catalog to find your application or call our sales department. We are happy to help you, answer any technical questions and direct you to the appropriate NACD Distributor or NACD-Heartland Dealer in your area. NACD maintains warehouse locations in Illinois, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania and serves distributors throughout the USA, Canada, Central America and Europe.

NACD Products can be found in the Agricultural, Construction & Mining, Oil & Gas and Industrial markets.
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