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NACD manufactures PTO assemblies from the small 7 1/8” and 7 7/8” housing bore applications with 4.5” and 5.5” oil bath or dry clutches suitable for horizontal shaft gas and diesel engines used in the construction industry for pumps, compressors, mixers, blowers, generators and other applications where a cut-off clutch is required, up to the larger housing sizes SAE 6 through SAE 1 with bronze-bearing and ball-bearing released over-center clutch sizes ranging from 6.5” single, 10” single, 11.5” single and double, 14” single, double, and triple plates. We have various pilot bearing configurations to suit different engines. All PTO assemblies and clutches are assembled at our Illinois facility and undergo a series of inspections from assembly right down to the packaging operation. NACD is a well-known and highly respected manufacturer for OEM and engine distributors, and we maintain a growing, global NACD Distribution base that inventories and services NACD PTO products. The latest entry to the NACD PTO Family is our Spring-Loaded PTO utilizing an automotive-style clutch to fit gas and diesel engines with conventional truck flywheels for use with brush chipper and irrigation applications. This new series PTO may be ordered either with non-asbestos woven disc, or copper-metallic disc for use in certain diesel engine applications and is suitable for many other work environments and tasks.

NACD Products can be found in the Agricultural, Construction & Mining, Oil & Gas and Industrial markets.
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